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Mysterious Disappearance Series

Golden Poppy's Mysterious Disappearance series includes downloadable mobile software and bags filled with toys for purchase in our online store.  Our premier release is one where you and your friends work together on a royal quest from Princess Keela to rescue a spell-bound unicorn. Learning to fly, jump and spin like a champion in the 3D enchanted forest is crucial to finding digital clues and golden rewards that the forest sprites have left for you. Need a little hint to find a clue? A visit to Mahoo’s hint shop will speed you on your way. But how will you survive an encounter with a mischievous Donkey at each level? Resilience and cooperation with your friends are your best resources to solve the riddles and find the charms to save Unicorn Blue before it’s too late.

Our games give young girls early exposure to physics and computer science though a fun, fast-moving, play-based, 3D, augmented reality mobile outdoor fantasy. What's more, our games satisfy a set of social and emotional needs that the gamer world has largely ignored. In particular, our games teach players resilience and collective problem solving while roaming, playing and connecting with nature. Our imaginative and endearing characters and story lines keep players coming back for more. Kid tested and parent approved our games are perfect for birthdays, science camps, STEM badges, school programs, holidays or just a fun playdate at the park or in your own backyard.

Love that this is made by a Mom...with her daughters!

Sue J.

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Blessed with 20+ years in tech and 15+ years as a mom, I know what kids love and how to build an amazing dev-ops experience for my users.  I particularly love to hear and share stories of how we are making the world a more connected, cleaver and happy place, one play-date at a time.  Feel free to send us your feedback at 


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